Ramallah, Palestine



A City as a tree for Human Rights

Façade of the Municipal Theater


This project is Schein modest stone to the construction of Palestine as a country.

The artpiece was produced with the participation of the students of the International Academy of Art Palestine, the Palestinian Technical College, the Birzeit University and with the general population of the City of Ramallah.
The cartography of Ramallah is designed into «A tree for peace» having branches as the 30 articles of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, painted by the students.
This tree presents the idea of Palestine as an independant country as it was designed with the famous Greene Line in 1948, date of the writing of the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights.

Ramallah’s team : with Fatin Farhat, Sally Abubakr the Municipality of Ramallah,  Katia de Radiguès of Association Inscrire

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