Sao Paulo, Brazil



Action Light

Metro Station Luz

The monumental artwork for the Luz subway station in Sao Paulo, is composed of a series of 50 ceramic panels on walls and columns, creating a 500-sq.metre project about Human Rights in the context of the history of Brazil. The work was made with the participation of hundreds of youngsters from various underpriviledged quarters of the city.

The ceramic panels conceived by artist Françoise Schein, are divided into 3 typologies of artworks : 8 portraits of the people of Sao Paulo in their racial multiplicity, 16 panels about the history of the city and the country, 10 panels about human rights. The project has become a landmark in Sao Paulo.

Team collaborators: Rita Anderaos, Tatiana Dalla Bona, Alan Sales, Ana Shiaku, Maria Helena Dalla Bona, Katia de Radiguès

Invited artists: Julio Villani, Leandro Araujo.

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