Rio de Janeiro, Brasil



Rio de Janeiro at the time of Jean Baptiste Debret, in 18th century

Located in the newly renovated Harbor area in Rio


The monumental artpiece was created in 2017 with the Association Inscrire, Brazil, one hundred of local schools’s youngsters and 6 local painters: Lya Alves, Meton, Afa, Aira, Gil, Ral
45m long by 4m high

Conceived and designed by Françoise Schein, the project is centered around the work of Jean Baptiste Debret, an 18th century French painter who lived in Brazil for 15 years. He was a court artist and in his book “Voyage pittoresque et historique au Brésil, » he describes in details, the daily life of the court but also of simple people  and of slaves of the time. The large 10 paintings are commissioned by F Schein and  Inscrire to be made after Debret’s small water colors. The cariocas 6 painters received a specific protocol to follow. In between each painted panel, they are 11 ceramic white columns expressing the 30 articles of the human rights created by hundreds of youngsters of the underprivileged quarters of Rio de Janeiro.

Association Inscrire, Brazil team :  Philippe Nothomb director, Moema Quintanilha artist, Ana Ignacio administration